Maulana Syed Safi Haider Zaidi
(Secretary of the institution Tanzeemul Makatib )

In the present time, when fourteen centuries have passed after the departure of our Holy Prophet from this world and his last successor is not in contact with us, the responsibility for the good and success of our community on the shoulders of the highly qualified scholars of our religion. They are not only well-guided on the right path, but also aware of our present. It is compulsory for the common people to follow their commands. It is due to the efforts of these scholars that the number of followers of our religion in the world is increasing day by day.

Maulana Syed Safi Haider Zaidi is one among them He has been serving as the Secretary of the institution Tanzeemul Makatib for more than thirty years. He is well known for his wisdom, knowledge, responsibility, honesty, tolerance, humility, patience, politeness, good behavior, and loving nature and pragmatism.

He was born on the 2nd of Zilhijjah 1376 A.H. (circa July 1957 C.E.) at Syedwara village of Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. His father Syed Hasan Jafar Zaidi was a good, honest, and helpful man and his mother was the sister of Khatib-e-Azam Syed Ghulam Askari, the founder of Tanzeemul Makatib and the daughter of Syed Mohammad Naqi, Deputy Inspector of Schools.

As the brother and sister were very close to each other, the young Safi Haider was raised under the care of his maternal uncle. The uncle informally adopted his nephew and after providing him the basic knowledge of Urdu and Persian at home, he got him admitted at Madrasa Jamea Nazmia of Lucknow.

There, young Safi Haider got the chance to learn many things from his teachers who were well-educated and loving. At home, under the care of his maternal uncle and at the madrasa, under the care of his teachers, he acquired great knowledge.

He has not only got complete education from the U.P. Madrasa Board but has also graduated in English from the Shia College of Lucknow. After completing his education in the madrasas, he went to Iran for higher Islamic studies. When he returned, he served as a teacher at Jamea Imamia for a long time.

After the death of Maulana Syed Ghulam Askari, the founder of the institution Tanzeemul Makatib in the year 1985, he initially served as the Joint Secretary of the institution for two years and thereafter, since  1987, he has been serving as the general secretary.

After assuming the responsibility of the General Secretary, Maulana Syed Safi Haider Zaidi devoted his energy for the progress and development of the Institution. When he was newly appointed as the General Secretary of Tanzeemul Makatib in 1987, the number of madrasas working under the care of the institution was less than 600. These have increased to over 1000 to date.  The achievements of Tanzeemul Makatib under the direction of Maulana Safi Haider are as follows:

  • Imamia Study Centre: It not only provides religious education to the children but also helps them in doing their regular school homework.
  • Imamia E-Shop: It provides all the requirements for the observance of religion from birth to death.
  • E-Maktab: It provides online religious education to those children who are unable to attend madrasas in person.
  • JameaTuzZahra: It was established in the year 1994 for providing religious education to Muslim girls for a bright future.
  • Madaris-e-Abu Talib and Khadeejat-ul-Kubra: These institutions provide religious education to those boys and girls who have completed basic religious education.

“Ali Waalo Koi Bhooka Na Rehne Paaye” (O followers of Ali! Let no one go hungry) : This mission was started in March 2020 in order to provide foodstuff to those houses where the people had nothing to eat because of lockdown. The mission is ongoing.

Video Messages From Our Secretary

As an organization, Tanzeemul Makatib is devoted to performing socio-religious awareness among the society in general and particularly Shia Muslims in India. Since 1968, Tanzeemul Makatib is continuously dedicated to providing Education, Social awareness, Social Counseling, Trainings, Learning contents etc. to the society. Organization’s main motive is to shape a child as a responsible and educated citizen who can contribute to their society and in nation building. Tanzeemul Makatib delivers the services in very diverse way. Multiple departments and associated groups are managing these services in a structured organizational hierarchy.