To enslave people, the devilish enemies of humanity have committed many crimes, one of them is sabotaging the family system.  Today, in so-called developed countries the family system has collapsed, the homes are ruined, and families are shattered. After devastating their own family system, now they are doing the same to us; they are destroying our family structure by robbing our eastern and religious values and imposing their western and atheistic culture. Distancing from religion has led this calamity to our homes. The new generation is suffering from lack of tolerance, peaceful co-existence and unrealistic expectations.  As a result, the family problems including disputes between wife and husband, mothers and daughters in law and other close relatives is obnoxiously mounting. These family quarrels, turning into fatal diseases, are wiping out our society along with our families.  According to statistics, the cases of divorce, suicide, physical and sexual abuses are constantly rising. Hence, it is needed to save the families and our society from this disastrous situation. The only way to achieve this mission is to implement the family system introduced by our religion of which people are unaware or indifferent. Our new generation, for their studies or work purposes, leave and live away from their homes where no one is available to guide and groom them towards family values, hence they make wrong decisions. Indeed, one of the solutions is family counseling.  If family counseling does not eliminate these challenges, it will definitely reduce them. Considering the above, Tanzeemul Makatib has initiated this service to encounter these challenges and save our families by utilizing the professional advice from the experts in psychology, religion and social studies.

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