For children and young adults who want to continue their religious education after the Panjum (Class V) of the maktab, a few madarsas have been intiated under the name of “Madarsa e Nuanihalan”. But due to lack of time, the children could not come to the classes, therefore now we have started the same set of classes online, the “E-Madarsa Naunehalan” So that our young minds can get the necessary religious education followed after attending the maktab, along with their ongoing modern education.

          It’s curriculum comprises of fiqh and ahkam, History and biography, tajweed and recitation, Ethics and hadith, Social etiquette, practical Islamic issue and urdu.

  • Kindly download forms form the Download Section.
  • Fill and submit form on the given whatsapp number or website
  • Teacher will contact you on the given number and assess your child for class allotment.
  • Your number will be added on whatsapp group amd link for online classes will be provided
  • Take 7 days free trial classes.
  • If satisfied then pay fees and continue classes.
  • You can select any time slot mentioned below that suits you:

    • Maktab No.1 (06:00 AM to 07:55 AM )
    • Maktab No.2 (08:00 AM to 09:55 AM)
    • Maktab No.3 (10:00 AM to 11:55 AM)
    • Maktab No.4 (12:35 AM to 02:30 PM)
    • Maktab No.5 (02:35 PM to 04:30 PM)
    • Maktab No.6 (04:35 PM to 06:30 PM)
    • Maktab No.7 (07:00 PM to 08:55 PM)
    • Maktab No.8 (09:00 PM to 10:55 PM)
    • Maktab No.9 (11:00 PM to 12:55 AM)
    • Maktab No.10 (01:00 AM to 02:55 AM)
    • Maktab No.11 (03:00 AM to 04:555 AM)
This Website is Under Development Tanzeemul Makatib Ki Madad Kijiye Aur Tanzeemul Makatib Se Madad Lijiye.