At present, one of the serious issues faced by our community is not finding the right spouse at the right time. The only reason for this dilemma is undermining Islamic criteria and adopting self-made standards for spouse selection. Connected to this, another issue is unfit marriages and their breakdown. This is also rooted in a lack of experience and neglecting Godly guidelines.  

Ignoring Islamic instructions in spouse selection is resulting in increased rates of divorce, collapse of families and ruined children.  In some cases, a girl’s life is devastated whereas in others a boy’s life is turned upside down.  

The condition is so dire that not only girls’ but boys’ families are also dreadfully concerned to find a rightful spouse who will not shatter their home and family fabric and the boy wouldn’t abandon his family members. To overcome these challenges and avoid the detrimental consequences, “Marriage Counselling” is of paramount importance.  

In  view of the above needs, Tanzeemul Makatib has introduced the Marriage Counseling service to provide appropriate matrimonial options to Momineen utilizing its country-wide networking system. This initiative will reduce the number of girls who remain unmarried for not having rightful proposals and save those who get stuck in unmatched marriages or fall prey to an un-Islamic environment which results in children and families’ destruction.

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