Tanzeemul Makatib is not just an institution; it is a movement. A movement towards becoming devout, living in accordance with divine will, enforcing divine commands, and fostering a connection with the Qur’an, Prophet and the Ahlebait (AS).

The founder of Makatib, the eminent orator of his times and beyond Maulana Syed Ghulam Askari (AM), dedicated himself to making every individual in the country religious. He Initiated this movement with the establishment of Makatib throughout and consistentlu focussed on it.

This movement commenced with five Makatib, and by December 2023, it has expanded to 2437 Makatib across all 19 provinces of the country. Out of these, 929 are permanently closed, 295 are temporarily closed, and 1213 are currently operational, providing education to 50740 students. The curriculum encompasses complete educational content on the Quran, beliefs, commandments, history, and ethics in Urdu, Hindi, English, Gujarati, and Bengali.

The educational system of Makatib covers children from pre-school to fifth grade. It is not limited to India but extends wherever Urdu speaking and devout individuals exist.

Makatib’s educational system operates through collaboration between the Organization and local people. A budget is formulated, and the General Body, consisting of 5 to 7 individuals, selects the Executive Council, comprising a Manager, assistant manager and Auditor. The Manager and Assistant manager oversee the accounts, administration, and education of the Makatib, while the Auditor audits the financials and presents an annual report to the General Body.

For the establishment of a Maktab, a minimum of 15 children is required, but in less populated areas, Makatib can be established with fewer students. The organization selects and trains teachers. Approximately 339 Aimma jama’at teachers are imparting knowledge in various disciplines, including theology, preaching, and leading congregational prayers, across 339 localities.

The educational journey begins with supplications and recitation of Qur’an, where children praise Allah, seek His blessings, and pray for their enlightened future. Alongside reading course books, practical training in ablution, bathing (Ghusl), dry ablution (tayammum), the five daily prayers, funeral prayers (Namaz e mayyat), shrouding of the deceased and their burial, etc., is provided to familiarize children with religious practices.

To assess the educational and financial status of Makatib, inspectors are appointed. They evaluate the students’ progress and conduct financial audits. Inspectors also engage in propagating religious matters, such as congregational prayers and preaching, within the localities.

Centralized examinations are conducted for all Makatib students, and those achieving good results receive rewards. Likewise, teachers and Makatib that excel also receive recognition.

If you wish to continue witnessing orphans of the family of Muhammad (PBUH) being enlightened with knowledge, contribute to Tanzeemul Makatib through Zakat, Khums, charity, eesaal e sawab funds, Ijara services, Imam Zamin, and other obligatory payments.

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