MGA institute Aim:-  The aim of this institute is to train eligible candidates (studying or unemployed) to get jobs by enhancing their aptitude and interview skills.

trains unemployed persons of our community who have completed their studied and are eligible for jobs in their respective fields. The lack of counseling, proper guidance and traditionally no access to vacancies in both public and private sector are the main reason behind their failure to get jobs. Our aim is to train person processing valid certificate and degrees to get jobs. Our aim is to train persons possessing valid certificates and degrees to get jobs by enhancing their aptitude, Interview facing skills and develop their personalities. We have already started our first batch of training whereby we are preparing qualified applicants to file GST. (Goods and service Tax)

  • Improving the quality of education in schools
  • Train the unemployed to make them fit for a job and to get them a job or to provide small budget business.
  • Skill hunt program to find and include skilled and talented people all around and create a directory
  • Providing opportunities to people in order for them to utilize their talents and serve the purpose of islam.
  • Provide people with jobs suiting their talents and skill.
  • Collection all data in order to implements all of these services.

Additionally this institute will also carry out following activities.

  • Career counseling
  • Job counseling
  • Educational counseling
  • Business start-up and consultation
  • Skill & talent directory
  • Job hunting/replacement
  • Data collection
  • Ali(a.s.) waley groups (Profession wise groups)
  • Language lab
  • Tm volunteers

Directory of associations, Religious Institutes, Alumni, scholars, NGOs etc.

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