Our Journey Through Time

On the 11th Zeeqadah 1403 A.H, auspicious of the birth anniversary of imam Raza [A.S], JameaImamiyaTanzeemulMakatib was esatablished for higher religious eduction of the boys. At present there are 91 student and 16 teacher in it. For the current session, 20 new boys were admitted .admission is granted after an enterance test for the boys who have qualification of at least class five of makatb. Till now 159boys of Jamea have gone to the Hauza-e-llmiya, Qum for higher education. During 2011 to 2016 13 student of the Jamea have been granted admission to the Hauza-e-llmiya, Najaf, 12 [twelve] student are studying in Hauza-e-llmiya, SaiyadahZainab, Damascus. The Course is taught in 8 years in such a way that one after its completion can fulfill religious need of the community members. Currently 174 Jamea alumni are serving religious cause as pesh – Namaz, Jamea teacher or preacher. Till date 92 student have already obtained Muballigh Degree and 146 student Fazil Degree The articles, essays and poem, penned by the student of Jamea are pblished in religious magazine of the country. The student publish themeselve their own magazine, Al-Muballigh they themselves undertake all the works concerned with the magazine right from compiling to publishing. During the period 2011 to 2016, total expenditure incurred on JameaImamia was Rs. 10916913,15 while in 2016 a sum of Rs. 2262114.39 was spent.

No Community can survive without a doctor, later wise the community cannot effort to live without a spiritual guide and religious scholar We do not intend everybody studying in the maktab becomes a Mullahbut of course our best endeavor is that every boy blossoms and  mature into a sensible and responsible Muslim and momin and a pious person So we choose most  of the most intelligent boys and girls and equip them with high religious education so that virtuous sensible, sincere and compiler and scholars may be produced.

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