The Peshnamaz plays a crucial role in the spiritual and educational life of our community. As the leader of congregational prayers, this individual not only guides our daily worship but also serves as a pivotal figure in the propagation of our faith, addressing the doubts of the believers and teaching essential subjects like Urdu, Quran, and Deeniyat to students in the maktab.

The Pesh Namaz also supports the inspectors of Tanzeemul Makatib in various duties, reinforcing the organization’s efforts to manage and improve educational standards. Their compensation is supported through funds from Tanzeemul Makatib and local contributions from maktab committee members.

We invite you to contribute to the noble task of sponsoring the salary of a Pesh Namaz. Your support not only aids in their livelihood but also ensures the continuous guidance and education of our community under skilled and dedicated leadership. This sponsorship directly impacts the spiritual and educational enrichment of our community, helping to sustain the essential services provided by these devoted leaders.

Join us in this meritorious effort to support our Pesh Namaz, who play an indispensable role in nurturing and leading our community.

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